Turnkey PCB Assembly Services for Prototyping and Volume Production

Why Rigao

Years of industry printed circuit board experience, excellent strength

Rigao Electronics devote ourselves to provide the best price, best quality, quick delivery, engineering support, and best after-sales PCB printed circuit boards service to our customers all over the world. Working with Rigao Electronics, you can pay more attention to product design, research and development, and marketing. Rigao Electronics board manufacturer will become a part of your competitiveness.
Cost down
We pay a lot of time and hard work on cost control which will be based on the best quality of our PCB fabrication and pcb assembly. like IPC training on our employees, strict control on the work flow, management of supply chain, ERP and CRM application in our company operating systems. More than ten years cooperation with our suppliers of components and the other distributors, we can get the most competitive price from them. All things will make our company being a high-efficiency and well-organized team.
PCB printed circuit boards quality control
Rigao Electronics is an ISO and IPC certified factory, we have more than 38 employees who is well trained and sophisticated expert on quality control. All our PCB boards will do the e-testing or flying probe testing before processing the PCB assembly, every PCB assembly boards will be tested by on-line AOI machine, and X-ray testing if needed. Functional Circuit Test (FCT) and In-Circuit Test (ICT) are acceptable in our factory, also we can provide design, production and program debugging services for fixture of FCT and ICT.
Delivery time
Rigao Electronics has eight SMT assembly lines and three Through-Hole Assembly lines, two SMT assembly lines for prototyping productions and six SMT assembly lines for mass productions, also we can provide 24 hours quick turn prototypes production for rush orders (after bare PCB boards and components are ready), and flexible production scheduling for mass rush productions.
Engineering supporting
Rigao Electronics is not just a PCB assembly manufacturer, we also can provide technical supports for early stage development, and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) checking services, Rigao team will verify all data files from you which including Gerber files and BOM before starting production.
After-sales service
All we do is exceeding customer expectations, providing best quality PCB boards and PCB assembly services to our customers. Normally we will provide one year quality assurance, and for some special products, we also can guarantee longer quality assurance after discussing with our customers.
board manufacturer
PCB Fabrication
Rigao Electronics provides high quality PCB fabrication for multi-layer pcb printed circuit boards, buried & blind holes pcb printed circuit boards, controlled impedance board and High Density Interconnect boards, some technical parameters below:
● Layers: 1L~40L
● Min. Hole Size: 0.003”
● Min. Trace and Space: 2mil
● Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz to 6.0 oz
● Material: FR4, Rogers, Teflon, Ceramic and others
● Rigid-Flex PCB
● Blind and Buried Vias
● Controlled Impedance Tolerance ± 3%
● Filled Vias with Resin or Copper
● High Density Interconnect (HDI board)
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PCB Assembly
Rigao Electronics provides full turn-key PCB assembly services with eight SMT assembly line and three Through-Hole assembly lines who can support their customers from prototype PCB assembly to mass production.
● SMT Assembly
● Through-Hole Assembly
● Automated Optical Inspection
● X-Ray Inspection for BGA
● Conformal Coating
● Min. Package Size: 01005
● Fine Pitch Assembly: 8 mil
● Yield Per Hour: 440,000 cph
● Quick Turn Run: 24 Hours
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Components Sourcing
Rigao Electronics has established long-term cooperation with the world's most famous component distributors oversea and well-known component distributors and agents in China who can get high quality parts and the most favorable price for PCB assembly service.
● IC Global Sourcing
● IC Programming
● Incoming Inspection
● Parts Inventory Management
● Prototype run Parts Sourcing
● Quick Quotation within 24 Hours
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IC Programming
Rigao Electronics offers IC programming for all kind types of components package, software for IC can be programmed before production and after PCB assembly finished by FCT and ICT.
● Programming during FCT
● Programming during ICT
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PCB printed circuit boards function Test
Rigao Electronics provides function test services for finished pcb printed circuit boards, this function test will be performed after visual inspection and AOI inspection are finished. Fixture design and production also can be provided from Rigao team.
● Visual Inspection
● AOI Inspection
● Function Test Fixture Design
● Function Test Fixture Production
● Program Debugging
● In Circuit Test (ICT)
● Functional Circuit Test (FCT)
● BGA Reballing and Finished PCBA Rework
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